ACE Overcomers helps you or the people you care for overcome the negative effects of childhood trauma and household dysfunction.

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Assisting families, educators, law enforcement and corrections professionals to understand trauma-informed care and build resiliency.


We support local, national, and worldwide training of pastors, churches, and rescue missions reaching into Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo.


Classes for families, caregivers, and social service providers. Our curriculum is currently being used in schools, jails, and probation departments.

ACE Overcomers: The Center for Resiliency and Trauma-Informed Training

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) leave us with scars that run deep and seem to never go away. That’s why ACE Overcomers develops healing programs and training materials to work with individuals struggling from the effects of childhood trauma. 

In just 90-days, you or someone you care for will learn how to overcome abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction through our proven methods of retraining the brain and resetting the nervous system.

If you are part of an organization, our trauma-informed training will equip you to better serve those who have made poor life choices because of a dysfunctional or abusive childhood.

Contact us today to get a free lesson for yourself, or learn to better administer healing to others still suffering from adverse childhood experiences.