The “ACE Overcomers Radio Program” hosted by Dave Lockridge

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Every week get the tools and skills to Overcome Life’s Difficulties.

The “ACE Overcomers Radio Program” hosted by Dave Lockridge, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Building Healthy Life Skills Expert began airing on June 2nd on KYOS Radio (1480AM/107.3FM), Merced’s News Talk!


Saturdays 9AM-9:30AM on KYOS Radio (1480AM/107.3FM)

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This will be a unique and thought-provoking program that blends faith and science. Dave has experience as a pastor and has written a curriculum that has been studied by the University of California, Merced and proved to be effective. Hundreds of local people have taken his classes and are interested to learn more.  ACE Overcomers is helping people to recover.  Each broadcast, Dave will take you on an exploration of how to cope with and learn from trauma.


Dave will explain the different types of adverse childhood experiences, how ACE’s effect children’s health, families, and communities and the importance of a population-wide, multi-systems approach.

  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Identity
  • Acceptance
  • Personal Growth
  • Empowerment



In a world full of challenges, ACE Overcomers sees the possibility for trans-formative change– and we’re not alone!  The ACEs movement is being driven by pediatric clinicians, educators, parents, policymakers and other child-serving professionals and advocates.


For more information on ACE Overcomers, please visit us at:

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