Free! Life-changing Parenting Class Starting September 20!

Do you want more fun and less stress with your kids? Parenting is a lot easier when you know how to calmly handle the daily challenges.

You can pave a path to more joy in your family!

You’re worth it. Your kids are worth it.  

These parenting classes are highly recommended by parents who have taken them. Check out what Inez, a single mother, had to say:

“When I first heard about this class, for parents and kids, I thought “Oh, nice. A mommy and me class.” I was skeptical about not being in the same room with my child. But all my fears went away on the first day. The location was in a church licensed daycare, and I could tour the classrooms. I noted how secure and friendly it was. Only I can check-in and check-out my child. Plus, I can check on her anytime during my class. I received a copy of the topics they would teach my daughter, and it surprised me at how similar it was to the adult class.”

I noted how secure and friendly it was. Only I can check-in and check-out my child.

“My daughter loves this class. She gets more excited about coming to this class, than her usual preschool/daycare, or even her dance class. I look forward to coming to this class every Monday too! I have learned a lot, it’s all very interesting and relatable. Everything I have learned here, I can apply to many things in my current life situation. I highly recommend this class to everyone. It’s free, it’s once a week, it’s valuable and my child enjoys it.”

-Inez, a single mother, and former class participant.


STARTING September 20, 2022 Tuesdays 6-8pm | SIGN UP NOW!

Building Healthy Life Skills is an exciting and informative 12 Week Course for Parents and Children. You Will:

  • Improve Personal and Family Relationships
  • Understand how Trauma Affects the Brain
  • Raise Resilient Children using Scientific Principles
  • Learn the Keys to Self-Control
  • Discover The 7 Most Important Questions of Every Relationship

First 5 Merced County is dedicated to improving the lives of Merced’s young children and their families through a comprehensive system of education, health services, childcare, and other crucial programs like ACE Overcomers: Building Healthy Life Skills

Improving the lives of Merced’s young children and their families.

Building Healthy Life Skills is an evidence-based curriculum which promotes children’s social competence, emotional regulation, and problem-solving skills to reduce potential behavior problems. Parents learn strong emotional and social skills that enable them to build resiliency, improve communication skills and improve family life. Reduces school drop-out, violence, drug abuse, and delinquency in later years. 

Participation & Eligibility

Building Healthy Life Skills is intended for parents (or expecting parents/prenatal) of children ages 0 through 5 years old. This course is free of charge, and to participate you must reside in Merced County.

  • Classes are every Monday night from 6-8PM
  • 12-week course
  • Children (ages 0-12) attend a class especially for them. Teenagers will attend class with their parents.

Benefits for Parents & Teens

  • Manage anger and stress
  • Become aware of not only your child’s needs but also your own individual needs
  • Improve self-worth
  • Gain problem solving, decision making, compromising and negotiating skills
  • Acquire appropriate discipline skills

Benefits for Children

  • The Incredible Years: Incredible Years Dinosaur’s Curriculum
  • Social skills and problem-solving
  • Emotional regulation
  • Learn suitable ways to express feelings
  • Understand the importance of respect and family morals and values
  • Develop a positive self-worth


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