Understanding ACEs and Depression

The ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study shows a direct relationship between depression and childhood abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction. (about ACEs)

To find your ACE score, take the survey now. The higher you score, the more likely you will experience difficulties later in life. (find your ACE score)

For example:

Compared to someone with an ACE score of 0, those with an ACE score of 4 or higher are:

4 times more likely to suffer depression

5 times more likely to be an alcoholic

10 times more likely to inject street drugs

12 times more likely to attempt suicide

What is the answer?

ACE Overcomers has developed a faith-based program that will help you understand ACEs and teach you how to apply healing techniques grounded in solid science and sound biblical teachings.

Overcoming a Difficult Childhood Program

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