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Lesson 2: Our Response to Adverse Childhood Experiences

Taking charge of your life begins by understanding the effects of adversity. You may not realize it, but traumatic or persistent stress affects you in very predictable ways. Discover: How we respond to stress. How to improve your self-image with realistic thinking. How the brain and nervous system develops. Make the connection between stress, life-span, […]

Lesson 4: Defined by Grace

How you define yourself and your relationship with God affects everything. It forms your mental framework. It frees you, or it confines you. Discover the difference between mercy and grace. Learn what it means to be “unstuck” from your old nature. Receive the unconditional love of God.

Lesson 5: Taking Control of Your Life

Experiencing childhood trauma results in a loss of control. Gain control of your body, emotions, and spirit through powerful, practical steps. Learn to: Recognize true control versus false control. Understand how your body, soul, and spirit interact. Monitor your ups and downs, and moderate your response to stress. Understand brain development and plasticity. Learn the […]