Thursday, May 9 (Faith-Based)

Ace Overcomers’ Trauma Informed and beyond.  The same scientific information will be presented as in Friday’s class, but from a Biblical worldview.

Friday, May 10 (CEUs Offered)

Content Provided by ACE Overcomers (

Held in partnership with the West Virginia Center for Children’s Justice.

ACE Overcomers’ Trauma Informed & Beyond Training

Adverse Childhood Experiences can negatively affect an individual’s entire life. Come and learn how to relate to your clients, students, or inmates with a trauma-focused approach.

Discover how traumatic childhood experiences affect staff, clients, and students. Learn how being trauma informed will improve your delivery of service and communications skills. Recognize five sources of anger and how to deescalate tense situations. Identify root causes of depression. Examine keys to effective communication in your professional and personal life.